Police Officer injured in Just Stop Oil protest ‘recovering’

Essex Police Chief Constable has released a statement regarding the condition of the Officer

Just Stop Oil M25 protest sees Police officer injured

This is after protestors climbed onto the gantry of London’s ring road

UK coppers boast 430 EVs

There are also more than 800 charging points

Harrods covered in paint by climate protestors

This is the 20th consecutive day Just Stop Oil have obstructed the capital

Two people die during Just Stop Oil protest

The victims were hit by a car while waiting in the traffic caused by the Dartford Crossing protest

Not enough cops to save the Amazon

Is the rainforest suffering because of a blind eye to deforestation?

Scottish coppers given EVs – but nowhere to charge them!

More than 20 Scottish police stations have reportedly been given new electric vehicles without any charging points

‘EVs not the right road for Police,’ says PCC

This is due to fear of them running out of battery while chasing crime, he says

Criminals to clean up Britain’s littered streets

Offenders are being given the chance to clean up their act and UK communities at the same time