More than 200 corporate organisations and networks call on government to ensure green recovery

CEOs from across the economy have written a letter urging that coronavirus recovery efforts align with the UK’s wider social, environmental and climate goals

Cambridgeshire County Council to have fossil fuel-free buildings by 2025

The local authority has also committed to halving its carbon dioxide emissions by 2023

Construction sector ‘must be incentivised to retrofit by removal of VAT rates on green upgrades’

Green Alliance suggests a 20% VAT on repair and renovation work discourages upgrades to existing buildings and incentivises new constructions, contributing to a higher carbon footprint

Number of businesses asking suppliers to disclose environmental data jumps by a quarter in 2020

A total of 30 large purchasing organisations from around the world have started working with CDP this year to help manage their supply chains more sustainably

Net zero garden village to help Shropshire tackle climate emergency

The J3 project will comprise 3,000 sustainably developed homes and is expected to boost the local economy by an additional £390 million a year

Citycon signs Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment

The initiative will drive the development of energy-efficient buildings which run primarily on renewable energy, with the leftover carbon dioxide emissions being compensated on an annual basis

Schneider Electric partners with Sustainable Ventures to launch the Net Zero Home Programme

The scheme aims to boost innovation and help accelerate time to market for sustainable smart home and ‘plant to plug’ solutions

Australian Institute of Marine Science to slash emissions with AUD$2.2m solar system

The project will generate an estimated 1,000kW of electricity each hour, reducing the institute’s carbon footprint by around 15%

German architects deliver ‘Europe’s largest green facade’

A five-storey office block’s facades are covered by eight kilometres of hornbeam hedges and more than 30,000 plants to help provide climate solutions

Humes provides carbon-neutral cement culverts for Australian freight network

The concrete structures will save more than 7,250 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to removing about 1,350 vehicles off the road for a year