Los Blancos go green!

Real Madrid stars have been given electric cars for a clean tackle on climate change

Can the Qatar World Cup be truly carbon-neutral?

Campaigners have called its green claims ‘misleading’ and ‘dishonest’

Swimming across the Red Sea for climate change

An endurance swimmer is taking a 100-mile journey to raise awareness before COP27

Net Hero Podcast – an electrifying workout!

After a devastating personal incident, Will Flint decided to change the world for the better inventing the gym that uses your effort for power!

Messi takes 52 trips on private jet in three months

The carbon emissions released from these trips is more than the average French person would be responsible for in 150 years

Football climate campaigner slapped with six-week sentence

He has been convicted for tying himself to a goalpost at Goodison Park last March

F1 turbo-charges net zero plan

It has implemented various changes to the operations of races to cut carbon

Mercedes biofuels F1 team

It has successfully powered its freight trucks with vegetable and waste oils

McLaren Racing towards net zero

The racing team is looking to hit the finish line by 2040

Sports fans took 1.7m climate actions last summer

That’s according to Sky Sports, which looked to encourage sustainable behaviours at various stadia throughout the UK