Gary Lineker says climate protestors could be “heroes”

The former England forward has said that climate change “should be the biggest issue of the day”

Premier League preseason: What’s the carbon footprint?

With all preseason friendlies set to take place abroad next season, analysts have worked out the environmental impact

Mercedes F1 team says biofuels cut emissions by 89%

Biofuels will be implemented for its freight trucks for the entirety of next season, it has said

Surfing champ calls for sport to become more sustainable

Most surfboards and wetsuits are currently made from petrochemicals, leading to high carbon emissions

Spurs wins green Premier League for fourth time

Each club in England’s top flight has been ranked for its climate action and carbon reduction

Climate protestors crash Formula E race

Members of Letzte Generation climbed over fences and parked themselves in front of the electric race cars to stop the race taking place

Nascar gears up for net zero by 2035

It will start on the green course by powering all of its racetracks and facilities by 100% renewable energy

Barry Hearn says he’ll help snooker fans sue Just Stop Oil protestor

“Join me in taking civil action against that young man for the cost incurred,” the former World Snooker Chairman said

Non-league football side appoints net zero partner

Chester FC has vowed to score climate goals for the planet

Climate change: ‘Fake snow won’t cut it’

This last ski season it was too warm even for fake snow, an Italian resort found