Government looks to cut deforestation in UK supply chains

A consultation is being held on introducing new laws to stop large businesses using products made from cutting down forestry

More than 250,000 trees to be planted across UK

Defra has announced £12m will be provided to planting trees in areas that have been hit by degradation and pollution

4 factors that could affect your carbon management plan

By putting in place a carbon management roadmap, businesses can easily track progress and set future targets

Climate change tops chart of Brits’ concerns

Worry about climate recorded its highest-ever score, according to new poll

‘No country has met its people’s needs without overusing natural resources for 30 years’

Every nation has abused planetary boundaries to meet its citizens’ needs, a new study claims

Ukraine to plant 1bn trees in three years

The Eastern European nation is looking to use forestry as a natural answer to battling climate change

Madagascar to suffer the first famine caused directly by climate change

The UN has warned that more than 500,000 people are at the highest level of food insecurity, when Madagascar contributes a mere 0.01% of global GHG emissions each year

How will the Race to Resilience’s new framework affect business?

This year’s COP26 has now come to an end. The discussions were tense and, after running over by a day, world leaders finally came to a conclusion on a global agreement that will hopefully cap climate warming at 1.5°C

Wet wipes clog up the River Thames

A new report has found that wet wipe pollution in the river has grown to the size of two tennis courts in the last six years

Could bacteria mean sustainable mining?

Researchers are investigating whether bacteria could extract the elements needed for computers, EVs and mobile phones – all powered by sugar…