Restaurants showing meals’ carbon footprint on menus

Mexican chain Wahaca has decided to not only display a meal’s calorific count but also its carbon footprint

How does cannabis fight climate change?

Scientists claim it’s twice as effective as trees in soaking up carbon

Domino’s backs EVs to deliver pizzas

It has purchased 800 electric Chevrolet Bolts to use in 37 of its US stores

McDonald’s opens second ‘net zero’ restaurant in UK

The new Lincolnshire-based branch uses solar and recycled materials to cut its carbon footprint

Asda rolls out new toilet paper change to wipe out plastic waste

The supermarket has doubled the amount of toilet paper per roll and reduced the number of rolls per pack on one of its most popular own brand product

UN: ‘Making food chains sustainable key to fighting climate change’

Food loss and waste makes up around 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions

Absolut Vodka gets into the green spirit with hydrogen investment

It has struck a deal with Ardagh Glass Packaging to use a partly hydrogen-fired furnace, which will reduce Absolut Vodka’s carbon footprint from glass by 20%

Green tea? Asda launches plant-based packaging for tea bags

The 550m tea bags the supermarket sells each year can now be disposed of in kerbside food waste bins

‘Less pollution means smaller cockles’

Scientists were shocked to find they’ve not just been shrinking in the last 50 years, their mortality rate has risen too

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Research questions whether potatoes can survive, as temperatures increase