Climate change could mean bye bye coffee

Land for growing coffee will shrink by 54.4% if temperatures don’t decrease, research claims

‘Farming net zero promises don’t match up with Net Zero Strategy’

The emissions reduction goal set for agriculture and farming is 58% lower than what was outlined in the strategy, a report claims

There could be no more mackerel on your plates

This is after overfishing has seen population numbers declining heavily since 2015

Domino’s launches low carbon store in West London

All deliveries will be made by e-bikes, heat pumps will be used instead of gas boilers and it will run on 100% renewable energy

Budweiser backs hydrogen beer

It has partnered to have the largest brewery in Lancashire powered by green hydrogen

Fukushima now turning rice into low carbon plastic?

The rice that cannot be consumed is being used as plastic by businesses across Japan

‘Half of the UK’s farmland would be needed for Jet Zero’

Or the country would need double its renewable electricity capacity, a report claims

Tomatoes denied by extreme weather!

Extreme cold and floods have seen crop yields hit hard

How can celery battle climate change?

There is belief the crop could help trap carbon beneath the surface with the help of water

Cigarette-style packaging to turn off meat eaters

Research has found changing the labels of meat would reduce consumption