McDonald’s launches plastic straws-to-swimwear project

The old iconic red-and-yellow plastic straws will be given a second life by being converted into women’s suit and men’s swim shorts made from upcycled fabric

Farmers in East Yorkshire seek to cut emissions with ‘cover crops’

Trials of an innovative project have shown plants, which are planted to cover the soil can sequester more than four tonnes of carbon every year

Ribena bottles
Lucozade Ribena Suntory sets net zero emission target across entire value chain

The drinks giant aims to achieve this by implementing renewable energy solutions, adopting water sustainability initiatives and switching to 100% sustainable plastic packaging

Melbourne powers uni campuses, chocolate bars and road surfaces with 100% renewables

A total of 14 shopping centres, nine office buildings, seven educational campuses and four manufacturing facilities will be powered with 110GWh of renewable electricity

Carlsberg inaugurates the ‘first brewery in the world’ to virtually eliminate water wastage

The new plant is estimated to reduce the facility’s energy consumption by 10% through its biogas production and hot water recycling

Diageo promises fossil-fuel-free whiskey production with new carbon-neutral distillery

Employing electrode boilers, the site will utilise a mix of renewable electricity sources to power a 72,000 square-foot distillery, dry house and warehousing facilities

UK’s largest meat businesses announce ambition to halve the amount wasted each year

Currently, around 380,000 tonnes of the meat intended for consumption goes uneaten each year, generating more than four million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents

Berry Gardens slashes carbon footprint by 292,000 tonnes with rooftop solar array

The berry and stone fruit producer was able to deploy the renewable energy infrastructure thanks to a £780,000 green loan from HSBC

Start-up wins €50k cash injection for bubble wrap made of wool

The Estonian firm wins European innovation organisation award

New Zealand’s dairy company to pay farmers more for sustainable milk

The more a farmer achieves in the company’s sustainability programme, the higher the payment will be