adidas and Allbirds run fast to develop carbon-neutral shoe

CO2 emitted by the footwear industry annually is the same as the energy to power 80 million homes

British Gas Business ‘remains totally committed to a net zero future’

That’s the suggestion from Gab Barbaro, the energy giant’s Managing Director, who spoke to future Net Zero Founder Sumit Bose

‘Some closed businesses are still consuming up to 40% of their usual trading energy’

That’s according to David Higgins, Managing Director of Ignite Energy, who spoke to future Net Zero’s Jonny Bairstow about the impacts of coronavirus on businesses and their energy use

Stimulating the global economy ‘must be done in a sustainable and future-focused way’

That’s the suggestion from Hanno Schoklitsch, CEO and Founder of Kaiserwetter, who spoke to future Net Zero about the effects of Covid-19 and how it would be likely to affect global decarbonisation efforts

‘Post-coronavirus, businesses will increasingly seek outside assistance to finance clean heat projects’

That’s the suggestion from Richard Burrell, CEO of AMP Clean Energy, who spoke to future Net Zero about decarbonising the UK and what he thinks will happen next

Green energy companies to benefit from £30m investment from Swansea Council’s pension fund

The initiative aims to make the pension fund ‘one of the greenest in the UK’

‘Net zero solutions must not only be green but also prove economically sustainable’

That’s the suggestion from Nikki Flanders, Managing Director of Energy Customer Solutions at SSE, who spoke to future Net Zero Founder Sumit Bose about the global mission to reach net zero by 2050 and how it can be achieved

Dorset-based party band becomes ‘first in the UK to be carbon-neutral’

Two members of the Audio Allstars spoke to FNZ about offsetting the carbon footprint of their music and performances

Podcast: Social and economic structures ‘must be more in tune with sustainability’

That’s the suggestion from Mike Hughes, UK & Ireland Zone President at Schneider Electric – listen to the full podcast to find out more…

‘Novel protein made out of thin air disconnects food production from agriculture’

That’s the suggestion from Pasi Vainikka, Co-Founder and CEO of Solar Foods who spoke to future Net Zero about a pioneering protein that could potentially revolutionise the food industry