The wider benefits from Gas Safety Week

The energy industry has united once again for Gas Safety Week

Your business guide to pursuing net zero

Accelerate a sustainable energy pathway for your business

How can does real-time data help you understand consumption?

Watch this Pathway to Net Zero Session from the inaugural Big Zero Show to find out

How is data key in businesses realising net zero aims?

Watch this Pathway to Net Zero Session from the inaugural Big Zero Show to find out

“The main challenge right now is rising energy costs”

Sumit Bose met with Phil Manock, Head of Sales and Business Development at British Gas – which works in partnership with Centrica Business Solutions – and talked about today’s crisis

Podcast: Dispelling EV myths with Centrica’s Head of Fleet Partnerships

Are EVs more expensive? Do they really take all day to charge? If you use a car wash are you in for a shocking surprise?

Podcast: Switching to EVs isn’t only an environmental decision – it can boost a business’ bottom line

Listen to the full podcast with Andreas Atkins, Electric Vehicles Product Business Development Manager at Centrica Business Solutions

Podcast: The challenge is clear – we have nine years to make 100% of new vehicle sales electric

That’s the suggestion from Natasha Mahmoudian, Head of Public Affairs for Electric Vehicles at Centrica Business Solutions

International Women’s Day webinar – Why diversity is key to delivering a successful net zero

In case you missed this live webinar, you can catch up here

Podcast: Do what you do at home, at work

Steve Pick says smaller business owners should think of their offices and workplaces, the same as they think of their homes, when it comes to energy efficiency measures