Our ambition is simple

We believe that for the UK to reach net zero emissions by 2050, we need to support businesses who will create products and services and continue to contribute to the economy to enable us all to live a better, more sustainable life, that is less damaging to the planet.

Better business. Better planet

Business must now commit to actively cutting. Reaching net zero will require a paradigm change, so it’s time for business to address their impact on the environment and society, in all their future operations and strategy.

We believe that businesses must come together, share insight, successes and failures to ensure that together we can confidently head to a more sustainable future. The more businesses share through their reporting and external communications, the more visible they will be to policymakers, customers and employees. Strong climate policies give companies and their stakeholders the clarity and confidence they need to invest at scale in low-carbon options.

Our Mission

  • Showcase organisations’ positive commitments to the public in the journey to reduce carbon footprints.
  • Inform and engage clients, prospects and supply chain providers about businesses’ efforts toward net zero.
  • Educate and train along the carbon reduction journey to enable others to follow suit.
  • Inspire others to work towards a zero-carbon future, driving innovation and collaboration.
A revolutionary simple education platform
Designed to embed sustainability into your culture
Navigate your organisation’s path to net zero


Hear from your peers and experts in net zero. Let their stories inspire you to act.


Our Learning platform will teach you how to cut emissions and create a pathway to net zero.


Using our Index of net zero technology, you can find the best solution for you today.

FNZ Learning

FNZ learning is a revolutionary simple education platform. It explains what net zero is, how it works and the areas of your business that it affects. A vital learning tool for any organisation.

FNZ Learning

Our heritage and independence

We promise that future net zero will provide you unbiased editorial based content, supported by business information from commercial partners. Our parent company, Energy Live News (ELN) has solidified its position as the foremost daily news site in the UK, committed to providing in-depth coverage of the energy sector.

Operating independently since 2010, as a dynamic publishing and events company. We are an award winning and accredited Google News site with a substantial subscriber base, ELN has always offered free access to straightforward energy news, striving to make the intricacies of the energy sector accessible to all.

With an overarching objective to demystify energy, making it understandable for everyone.​​ We will apply those same standards to the information we provide on future net zero.