Net Hero Podcast – Green business isn’t new!

I speak with Julia Hailes who advocated working with business for environmental change back in the 80s. Is she happy or disappointed with our progress four decades on?

Net Hero Podcast – Our girl goes green!

In this week’s new look podcast, I catch up with ex-employee Mahin who’s ambition is to get Pakistanis talking about net zero!

Net Hero Podcast – Finally a pint that’s good for the planet!

Did you know it takes tonnes of a special rock dug from the ground to provide your pint! So how do we clean up your drinking footprint?

Net Hero Podcast – The truth about emissions?

Time to talk what’s really clean on our roads, a brilliant podcast that will get you thinking!

Net Hero Podcast – SBTI pointless for most?

Could most businesses benefit from a different way of measuring their carbon emissions?

Net Hero Podcast – Do or do not! Who is actually moving to net zero?

Dr Jan Rosenow gives his health check on the state of net zero in Europe and wider, is the patient in trouble?

Net Hero Podcast – Net Zero polarisation, will it scupper our future?

I speak to author Marc Cortez who isn’t a climate denier but finds his views on net zero criticised simply for wanting an open debate, have we become too polarised?

Net Hero Podcast – Natural capital the best profit provider

Can creating forests on disused arable land help us capture emissions and make financial sense for ethical investors?

Net Hero Podcast – Stick it in the ground!

Can the soil be our saviour when it comes to capturing carbon emissions?

Wise-up with your water – with the multi award-winning experts at Water Plus

Whether you’re at the start of your wise-up with water journey, or already proactively managing how it’s used, the water experts at Water Plus share their tips on how to get the most out of what you’re using at buildings