‘To make any real progress on tackling Scope 1 emissions, businesses need to start decarbonising heat’

Currently, heat makes up roughly 50% of all carbon emissions and consists of more than half of all energy usage for most businesses

‘Customers need to be offered the right solutions at the right time in order to decarbonise heat’

That’s the suggestion from Ian Cameron, Head of Customer Service and Innovation at UK Power Networks – listen to the podcast to find out more…

UK Power Networks Services is helping UPS to electrify its fleet – but how?

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‘It makes no sense to talk about hydrogen without talking about ramping up renewables’

Kaiserwetter’s Rene Mono says clean energy technologies such as wind and solar power ‘must go hand-in-hand’ with the use of hydrogen as a tool for decarbonisation

Gaia Says No! Episode 10 – Can Black go Green?

Listen as former Obama advisor Allyson Anderson Book, explains why the fossil fuel industries have a role to play in net zero

Can AI unlock forest secrets in the battle against climate change?

Smart sensors in forests could help give us a picture of their health and ability to capture carbon, says foldAI

Gaia Says No! Episode 9 – Technology

Is the future Skynet or Star Trek and is technology really the only way to save us?

‘The personal business case for investing in an EV has now been reached’

That’s the suggestion from Andrew Hurdle, Head of EV Charging and Growth Transformation at British Gas Business

UK Power Networks ‘is a key facilitator of delivering net zero on a local level across the UK’

That’s the verdict from Colin Nicholl, Head of Planning at UK Power Networks – listen to the full podcast to find out more…

When it comes to EVs, it’s the economics that stack up

Philip Heathcote of UK Power Networks Services talks the future of rail, road and flying as we take on the decarbonisation challenge