Net Hero Podcast – Troubled waters ahead?

Our oceans are warming at a rate not seen for 26,000 years, is there anything we can do to stop it?

Net Hero Podcast – the true environmental cost of batteries

This week Prof Thomas Maschmeyer the boss of battery tech firm Gelion, talks the good, bad and ugly of battery tech

What are Power Purchase Agreements?

Why are they so important in the green transition? – we find out on this week’s future Net Zero podcast

Net Hero Podcast – DIY beach clean!

Faced with a filthy beach, one Indian couple have transformed their environment and their community!

Net Hero Podcast – Our new Carbon Jedi, Ellis!

Ellis Hall is our new Head of Carbon Partnerships listen to his hopes for small and medium businesses when it comes to cutting carbon

Net Hero Podcast – Real net heroes of Ukraine

I talk to two men who are continuing to run a net zero business in the middle of the war in Ukraine

Net Hero Podcast – We ask whether the weather has changed?

The driest year on record in the UK was 1855 so is climate change a thing of the past?

Net Hero Podcast – Birdies, eagles and green golf

Can golf be green? In this week’s podcast ahead of the Masters in Augusta we explore the sustainable credentials of the sport

Net Hero Podcast – retrofit homes fit for the future!

Can brownfield sites be transformed? Nottingham Council has done just that to showcase net zero in action. But does the economics of retrofitting stack up?

Net Hero Podcast – Batteries that go on and on and…

In this episode I discuss the merits of Lithium Titanate batteries could they offer a smaller environmental footprint and last far far longer?