Net Hero Podcast – Cleaning up the concrete jungle

There’s embedded carbon in our cement and concrete, lots of energy is used to make it, so how do we clean it up for a net zero future?

Net Hero Podcast – Hair today, recycle tomorrow?

What happens to your hair once it leaves your head and what about the chemicals?

Chemical waste: the dark side of hairdressers?

If businesses dispose of chemicals in their sinks they would incur heavy fines – but are hairdressers an exception to the rule?

Net Hero Podcast – Battery doctor soon on call?

Could a camera style scanner offer the answer to checking if your battery is in tip top shape?

How can data boost EVs?

Listen to our latest podcast with Gemserv and Dodona Analytics discussing why a data-driven approach will be critical in the low carbon transition

Net Hero Podcast – What standards will we need for a net zero world?

We speak with BSI about the standards needed in the future as we transition to net zero.

Merry Christmas and happy net zero year… well almost!

Thanks for supporting FNZ and all we do and join us for more in 2022

‘Available, affordable low carbon heat’ – how do we get there?

Listen to today’s podcast with Gemserv’s Rob Honeyman on the critical role low carbon heating has to play in the net zero journey and what next steps should be taken

Net Hero Podcast – Pledge your way to change

Pledgeball founder Katie Cross tells me why a tiny step is all it takes to get us all moving to net zero!

Net Hero Podcast – Art and people power at COP26

Art and society two areas of exploration at COP26 which delve into in this episode