NHS Trust to save £1.2m a year with trio of new energy measures

United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust plans to install a CHP plant, implement an LED lighting upgrade and convert fuel sources from heavy fuel oil to gas

Royal College of Psychiatrists divests from fossil fuels

Going forward, it has committed to only invest in companies that follow ‘good environmental, social and governance policies and practices’

Veolia to work with Rotherham Hospital to slash emissions and energy spend

The Energy Performance Contract is expected to save more than £1 million per year and cut 49,620 tonnes of carbon dioxide, partly through the installation of a new combined heat and power plant

New energy deal to see more than a tenth of NHS estate go 100% renewable

NHS Property Services, which makes up around 11% of the NHS, has announced new energy contracts with British Gas Business and Corona

Energy efficiency helped Ireland’s largest energy users save €12.4m

A total of 190 companies collectively avoided 327GWh of energy consumption in 2018

NHS to step up climate action and drive towards net zero future

The health and care system in England is currently responsible for between 4% and 5% of the country’s total carbon footprint and the NHS itself notes climate change and harmful air pollution are inextricably linked