Podcast: Sotiris Georgiopoulos, Head of Smart Grid Development at UK Power Networks

Listen to the full interview right here…

‘Net zero ambitions must be delivered by 2040 – 2050 is too late’

Jonathon Porritt says we only have a decade to take action on tackling climate change and save the planet

Gaia says no! Episode 7 – Religion

The majority of humans are religious so shouldn’t we use that influence to change our behaviour?

Viewpoint: Getting to the core of Apple’s climate pledge

Why are we all frantically tweeting about Apple’s carbon-neutral pledge?

Insight with Jonathon Porritt

Watch the exclusive chat with the world famous environmentalist

Gaia says no! Episode 6 – Special:Jonathon Porritt

In this special edition of our hit podcast series, Sir Jonathon Porritt joins me for a one to one conversation, looking at our options over the next decade

Gaia says no! Episode 5 – Authority it’s ours to give!

In this episode we welcome our first guest speaker Cindy Forde, who gives us her take on how we can as billions of people, force the hands of our leaders to make the planet better!

Podcast: ‘If we don’t deliver net zero we are looking at a fundamentally different world’

That’s the suggestion from Alex Goody, CEO of Gemserv, who spoke to future Net Zero Founder Sumit Bose – listen to the full podcast to find out more…

A novel, affordable technology could make a significant impact on the world water crisis

That’s the claim from Lee King, Founder and CEO of UAE-based tech start-up Hydro Wind Energy, which has developed the handheld Quench Sea device

Gaia says no! Episode 4 – Global Governance

Can we all get together around the world and create a new Global authority to save our Earth?