‘By 2023 we will deliver batteries that hold a single charge for nine years’

That’s the suggestion of Nima Goldsarifi, Chief Executive Officer of NDB who spoke to FNZ about the technology behind a nano-diamond battery made of radioactive nuclear waste

‘Government needs to make decisions on big-ticket items for the future of the energy sector’

That’s the verdict from Kevin Dibble, Divisional CEO of Energy Supply at ENGIE UK & Ireland, following Boris Johnson’s recent speech at the Conservative Party conference

Low carbon liquid fuels and hydrogen ‘are critical components of meeting net zero’

That’s according to Stephen Marcos Jones, Director-General of the UK Petroleum Industry Association who spoke to FNZ about the downstream oil sector’s contribution to the decarbonisation of the UK’s economy

How could the City become a world leader in the climate change fight?

Shravan Joshi, an Elected Member of the City of London spoke to FNZ about the City Corporation’s roadmap to deliver net zero by 2040

‘Net zero is commercial sustainability with environmental sustainability’

Jorge Pikunic leads Centrica plc’s business and public sector energy division, Centrica Business Solutions – he spoke to future Net Zero about the journey towards 2050

Can french fries help close the loop?

That’s the suggestion from Antti Koivisto, Head of Service Development within Renewable Road Transportation at Neste who spoke to FNZ about the biofuel that powers McDonald’s Dutch fleet

In Focus: Are EVs really green?

Why do we need EVs? Will they really create a cleaner planet?

‘Small fleet of hydrogen-powered trains could be running on UK rail network by 2022’

That’s the suggestion from Dr Stuart Hillmansen, Senior Lecturer in Electrical Energy Systems at the University of Birmingham who spoke to FNZ about the role of the first hydrogen-powered train for the decarbonisation of UK rail

‘Only six crop species yield 80% of global industrial biofuel and that costs to people and planet’

That’s according to the Senior Research Leader at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Dr Olwen Grace who spoke to FNZ about the world’s methods of producing ‘green energy’

Could ‘world’s first’ 100% compostable bamboo plasters heal the planet’s wounds?

James Dutton, Founder of Nutricare spoke to FNZ about the business he created after an allergic reaction of his son to common plastic dressings