Little Zero: Clarity, transparency and integrity

In this session, Alfa Energy and The Carey Group hosted a discussion surrounding the key to achieving an effectual net zero strategy

Little Zero: Decarbonising home heating with minimal investment required

In this session, Kevin McPartlan, Chief Executive Officer of Fuels for Ireland, explored the contribution advanced, synthetic and bio-based fuels can make to neutralising carbon emissions from home heating across Ireland

Little Zero: Understanding the renewable energy opportunities available

In this session, Jon Swain, Technical Director at NFU Energy, delved into the challenges faced by exploring clean energy opportunities in the current economic climate

Little Zero: Understanding the cost of net zero

In this session, Mark Westwood, Direct Sales Director at Brook Green Supply, discussed the practical net zero solutions available to large energy consumers

Festival Net Zero: Co-operation and partnership on the road to net zero

Experts from Co-op Power, Schneider Electric and Water Plus took to the stage to discuss the importance of collaboration, as well as why you can’t go net zero without thinking about water

Little Zero: Pathways to a zero carbon Britain

In this session, Good Energy Founder Juliet Davenport explained what is needed for the UK to deliver its target of net zero by 2050

Festival Net Zero: The pathway to decarbonise heat and how to finance net zero

Experts from AMP Clean Energy and ENGIE took to the stage to explore how businesses can make the most of the transition to a low carbon economy

Delivering net zero requires a Midas touch…

In this session, net zero business owner Alan Rance explained how changes across the value chain and to energy supply have actually made his company signficantly more profitable now than it ever was before

Little Zero: Do you want to lose your biggest customer?

In this session, Experienced Energy Solutions set out how to work with businesses to achieve their clients’ expectations and support them on their net zero journey

Festival Net Zero: Net zero opportunities and the wider policy landscape

Experts from Gemserv, SSE and UK Power Networks took to the stage to explore how businesses can make the most of the transition to a low carbon economy