Government urged to focus on heat pumps installations, not hydrogen

It will need a decade to fully embrace the potential of hydrogen for decarbonising heating, new research suggests

Canada invests $2.1m in Alberta’s Energy Transition Centre

The University of Calgary and private sector partner, Avatar Innovations, have partnered to create an innovation hub that advances the development of clean energy technologies

Suffolk County Council pledges to hit net zero by 2030

It has drafted its first carbon budget to track emissions

Cutting carbon takes a backseat to ‘normal life’ for China and Xi Jinping

The country is less focussed on its environmental impacts and more on maintaining regular energy supply following the turbulence of the pandemic

Israel to plant 450,000 trees by 2040

The plan has been announced to tackle climate change and scorching temperatures

Net zero measures announced for Transport Scotland

More investment will be made into transport infrastructure to cut carbon emissions and increase connectivity

UK floating offshore wind boosted with £60m

The government has unveiled projects that will each be awarded up to £10 million

‘Glasgow Climate Pact must not be words on a page’ – Alok Sharma

The COP26 President is set to deliver a speech calling on all signatories to turn promises made into action

Spanish consortium to invest £2.7bn into green hydrogen

Led by Repsol, the SHYNE project is made up of 33 companies and associations

UK hosts African conference on green transition

The UK will look to increase investment opportunities across the continent and help push forward cleaner infrastructure