Efforts to make Humber ‘world’s first’ net zero industrial cluster by 2040 win broader support

Zero Carbon Humber Partnership has unveiled 45 organisations that support its £75m carbon capture and hydrogen network bid

Low carbon housing project launched in Hull to decarbonise heat

The project will demonstrate a combined ventilation and air source heat pump technology in a residential home in Hull

Swansea schools ‘to save £6,200 every year’ on electricity bills with solar installations

Three schools will be fitted with a total of 220kW rooftop solar installations, which is forecast to reduce electricity bills by £6,200 a year

Salford City Council moves forward with plans for new solar and hydroelectric projects

The projects are forecast to collectively generate enough energy to power more than 600 homes

Kickstart your decarbonisation journey today with the future Net Zero Standard

The first step is always the hardest – but our new tool promises to make it easy

City of London commits to net zero by 2040

The City Corporation, the governing body of Square Mile, has pledged to invest £68 million in green measures and create 800 green jobs

Police Scotland invests £21m in EV charging infrastructure

bp Chargemaster was awarded the contract that will see more than 1,000 EV charging points to be installed at 265 locations

CCC: ‘Scotland can become the first UK nation to deliver a net zero roadmap’

Scotland’s emissions fell by 31% from 2008 to 2018, faster than any other nation of the UK and any G20 nation over the same period, according to a CCC report

EAC to revisit inquiry into sustainability of fashion sector

The work will follow-up on its 2018 inquiry, which was called ‘fixing fashion: clothing consumption and sustainability’

Hydrogen buses to be rolled out in Birmingham next year

Birmingham City Council’s Clean Air Hydrogen Bus Pilot will see the deployment of 20 new hydrogen buses – claimed to be the world’s first zero emission hydrogen fuel cell double-deckers