LSE launches plan to become ‘UK’s first’ carbon-neutral university

The institution plans to integrate sustainability into the curriculum and prioritise ‘socially responsible’ investments

Swansea schools ‘to save £6,200 every year’ on electricity bills with solar installations

Three schools will be fitted with a total of 220kW rooftop solar installations, which is forecast to reduce electricity bills by £6,200 a year

Reaching net zero ‘requires green skills shortage to be urgently tackled’

The Aldersgate Group says a deficit in skills is currently undermining the growth of low carbon supply chains across the UK economy

Universities in New Zealand secure government funding to replace fossil fuel boilers

The projects are predicted to reduce the Lincoln and Auckland Universities’ carbon dioxide emissions by around 46,000 tonnes in the next ten years

Two solar farms to provide 33 Cambridge colleges with 80% of their energy

A total of 131 sites will be connected to the two projects, which have a combined capacity of 35MW

The University of Cambridge to divest entirely from fossil fuels by 2030

The decision follows the university’s commitment to have net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2038

University of Exeter to reward staff and students for taking climate action

Sustainable actions on recycling, travel and shopping will earn ‘green points’ that could win vouchers

University of Edinburgh to save £200k in annual energy costs with new solar farm installation

The solar project is predicted to provide 15% of the electricity consumption of one of the university’s campuses

Dumfries & Galloway College launches £1.8 million Green Energy Hub

The Scottish college aims to promote sustainable economic growth, increased air quality and other aspects of environmental forward-planning in the region

Duke University to meet half of its electricity needs with 101MW solar portfolio

The university has committed to becoming carbon-neutral by 2024