Cornell University announces fossil fuel divestment

The university has also pledged to increase its investments in alternative energy technologies

University of Sheffield switches to 100% renewable electricity

Wind, hydro and solar sources will now power all of the university’s buildings

Northumberland County Council to invest £730k in green tech upgrades

The project will see solar power systems and a ground source heat pump installed on an adult learning centre and community campus

University of California announces fossil fuel-free investment portfolio

The university has also surpassed its five-year goal of investing $1 billion in clean energy projects

EPA awards $1.4m grant to the University of Puerto Rico to reduce diesel emissions

The funds will support the replacement of 15 old heavy-duty trucks and will reduce particulate matter emissions by 3.2 tonnes and nitrogen oxide emissions by 43.3 tonnes

Australian university to slash 30k tonnes of CO2 emissions with 100% renewable electricity

It says this development will bring the university a step closer to its 2025 carbon-neutral goal

Australian college sources 130% of its electricity needs from renewable energy

A new 600kW rooftop solar photovoltaic system at the Presbyterian Ladies’ College in Melbourne is helping the college drive down emissions

Stafford students’ innovation wins Energy Institute climate change award

The winners designed the ‘Blu Pipe’ drainpipe generator, a small-scale power generation device able to create power as water flows down it

Oxford University pledges to divest from fossil fuel companies

Its endowment office, which manages £3bn of funds is asked to request evidence of net zero carbon business plans from future fund managers

University of Toledo powers Health Science campus with solar energy

The array will prevent the release of approximately 6,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide while generating approximately 10.5GWh of clean electricity