Sturgeon says the next generation must be heard

After visiting a Primary School in Scotland, she has said “it’s only right” we consider the views of those that climate change is set to impact the most

IEA and partners launch new tool to track borrowing costs for energy projects

The IEA estimates reducing financing costs by 2% would bring down the investment needed to reach net zero emissions in emerging and developing economies by $16tn until 2050

King Arthur’s castle at mercy of climate change

English Heritage is looking to raise money to protect many castles in England, as coastal erosion worsens

New partnership to establish advanced research centre for clean energy in Denmark

The centre of excellence will focus on developing reliable, profitable and low-emission energy solutions to support decarbonisation of industrial facilities

Carbon-neutral school opens in Gloucestershire

This school will generate its own energy using onsite solar

SSE to provide decarbonisation advice to UK universities

Energy professionals aim to provide a better understanding of how to achieve net zero goals within enforced timeframes

Aberdeen University secures £220k to turn waste into hydrogen

The research could see organic matter in food waste, manure, wastewater and other biodegradable waste converted into hydrogen and used to power homes and businesses

Queensland Uni granted $498k to speed up large-scale renewables connections to grid

Many large-scale solar and battery projects are said to have experienced delays, which have affected investor confidence and increased the cost of new renewable generation projects

Australia’s Monash Uni granted $495k to explore energy storage market design

Researchers will conduct a study exploring the integration of storage in energy markets, with the aim of designing efficient incentives for energy storage investors and operators

Imperial students looking to be ‘net zero leaders’

The London university has launched an initiative to inspire the next generation of clean ideas and solutions