Be wise on water to cut carbon and increase efficiency

Water can cut carbon emissions linked to your organisation – and help reduce energy bills – and this really can involve just a few simple steps

Scots to set moratorium on waste-to-energy incinerators

The Scottish Government has said no further planning permission for incineration facilities should be granted by councils

Water tracking and technology identify £4m avoidable waste

Water is a whizz when it comes to driving efficiency at your organisation and reducing carbon emissions linked to your operation – but why?

Turning seaweed into plastics?

A project converting carbon absorbing seaweed into plastic has received €600k backing

Nuclear waste removed from Sellafield

The waste has been held for 60 years, in what the NDA calls one of its most hazardous sites

Co-op and Microsoft launch anti-food waste platform

The technology will stop businesses binning excess food through communication

Companies fined for sewage leak killing fish

A £60k fine was given out after more than 2,400 fish were killed

Make water create waves to power your pathway to net zero

With the Big Zero Show this year, Green Apple Environment award winner Water Plus outlines how water can help power organisations towards their environment goals

Less than half of SMEs use a recycling service

This is despite 59% considering sustainability a top priority

The Carbon Column – Bottled Water: Can it or Keep it?

In my first of a regular column I look at the true picture around plastic water bottles, are they really that evil?