Water Plus sponsors trees for healthcare sites – and supports organisations on water efficiency

Extra trees are being planted in the UK – including on and near healthcare sites – as part of work by water retailer Water Plus to boost green canopies for communities

Water awareness boosted amongst school pupils, to help reduce impacts on the environment

Pupils have been learning about the importance of reducing water waste, as part of work with Water Plus, the largest water retailer in the UK, which is also involved in a school Careers Hub

‘Egypt is polluting coral reefs whilst hosting COP,’ study claims

An oil terminal is allegedly releasing wastewater into the Red Sea

Anglian Water heads towards net zero with 63% capital carbon reduction

The water company is said to be on track to achieve net zero operational carbon emissions by 2030

How much waste does Halloween produce?

With everyone dressing up and going trick-or-treating tonight, what’s the environmental impact?

‘Less pollution means smaller cockles’

Scientists were shocked to find they’ve not just been shrinking in the last 50 years, their mortality rate has risen too

Disposable vapes a ‘climate nightmare’

Enough are reportedly thrown away each year with batteries able to power 1,200 EVs

More than 5.3bn phones to be thrown away this year

Without change, 74 million tonnes of e-waste a year could be generated by the world’s population

Polluting water companies could face £250m fine

This is a 1,000-fold increase from the current cap of £250k

Water Plus Water Week podcast: Carbon reduction successes with water

Water can cut carbon emissions linked to your organisation – and help reduce energy bills – and this really can involve just a few simple steps. The official water partner for Future Net Zero, Water Plus, outlines how