Veolia reports ‘significant’ carbon reductions using energy recovery facilities for clinical waste

The waste treatment company has trialled a technology, which led to more than 60% reduction in carbon emissions compared to other commonly used treatments

Energy drink producer commits to launching the greenest aluminium can

HELL ENERGY has partnered with aluminium company Hydro to create a can made of 75% recycled post-consumer scrap

Portuguese tech firm secures €60k to commercialise wastewater treatment software

AquaInSilico’s software tools help wastewater treatment plants remove phosphorus in a more environmentally friendly way

McCain develops solar and food waste-to-energy project to cut electricity usage by almost 40%

The 8.2MW system is also expected to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 27,000 tonnes every year

SES Water meets leakage reduction target for 21st consecutive year

The utility has installed smart meters in 220 homes, which allowed customers to track usage and identify leaks

Tesco launches sustainable packaging partnership to cut plastic waste

The retail giant teamed up with the circular shopping platform Loop for a new initiative which aims to deliver products to households in reusable packaging

A novel, affordable technology could make a significant impact on the world water crisis

That’s the claim from Lee King, Founder and CEO of UAE-based tech start-up Hydro Wind Energy, which has developed the handheld Quench Sea device

More than two-thirds of corporate leaders are ‘more conscious of environment since lockdown’

Despite this, many senior stakeholders admit the need to stabilise economically has prevented them from ‘making bigger leaps in the sustainability agenda’

Aldi scraps baby wipe plastic lids to save 80m pieces of harmful waste

The move forms part of its wider commitment to halve the volume of plastic packaging used by 2025.

Oxford opens up to electric HGVs with first fleet-suitable rapid charger

ODS, whose frontline staff collect waste and keep the region clean, has deployed the equipment and says it aims to help Oxford become a net zero city