New frontiers in self-healing power systems to boost network reliability

New software reconnects supplies faster via healthy alternative circuits following an Extra High Voltage (EHV) fault

Podcast: Decarbonising heat is difficult… but a Sussex village could hold the key

UK Power Networks and Community Energy South spoke to future Net Zero about the role Barcombe will play in delivering net zero

How can the UK fall back in love with electric heating?

By Zain Habib, Innovation Programme Delivery Manager at UK Power Networks

‘Customers need to be offered the right solutions at the right time in order to decarbonise heat’

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UK Power Networks Services is helping UPS to electrify its fleet – but how?

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UK Power Networks ‘is a key facilitator of delivering net zero on a local level across the UK’

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When it comes to EVs, it’s the economics that stack up

Philip Heathcote of UK Power Networks Services talks the future of rail, road and flying as we take on the decarbonisation challenge

Podcast: Sotiris Georgiopoulos, Head of Smart Grid Development at UK Power Networks

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ENA and UK Power Networks ‘welcome Prime Minister’s ambition to drive sustainable economic revival’

Following the Prime Minister’s speech, David Smith, Energy Networks Association Chief Executive, spoke on behalf of network operators including UK Power Networks

Webinar: Partner insight with British Gas Business and UK Power Networks

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