Smarter Grid Solutions launches distributed energy management system to reach net zero

The new product is said to be able to allow thousands of renewable energy devices to be connected to power grids and managed simultaneously

Chevron announces measures to protect against coronavirus

Reductions are expected to occur across portfolios as the company gears up for the fight against covid-19

San Diego becomes home to ‘first net zero energy archive’ in US

The facility uses a photovoltaic system that produces 252kWh per year, a combination of passive systems and a vegetated stormwater management system which improves water quality

Japan has not upped emissions reduction target in NDCs

The nation has announced it would be maintaining its 2030 target of cutting emissions by 26% from 2013 levels

‘Our supply chain is strong to the coronavirus crisis’

That’s the suggestion from Kevin Mc Partlan, CEO of the Irish Petroleum Industry Association, who spoke to future Net Zero about the coronavirus implications on oil industry

UKPN: ‘Uncertainty is the new normal in the energy sector’

That’s the suggestion from Suleman Alli, Director of Strategy and Customer Service at UK Power Networks, who spoke to future Net Zero Founder Sumit Bose earlier this week