Southampton Council offers free energy-saving lightbulbs to slash electricity bills and emissions

The local authority plans to install free LED lightbulbs in 100 council homes to help the area achieve its sustainability goals

‘Independence day’ shouldn’t overshadow NHS recovery

The significance to many of the largest relaxation of lockdown rules since March has seen 4th July branded as our ‘Independence Day’. Survey of 250 businesses showed 79% believe the commercial sector should lead post-pandemic

From fossil energy to renewable electricity

This is the second in a series of three articles from clean energy expert Statkraft, titled ‘Future Energy Scenarios – Global Energy Trends’ – make sure you read the first post and stay tuned for more coming soon…

Sydney’s local authority switches to 100% renewables

A total of 115 buildings, including libraries, office buildings, parks and street lights will be powered by wind and solar power

UK Power Networks launches EV ‘Charge Challenge’

Data specialists are being challenged to predict future electric vehicle uptake, in a new innovation competition by UK Power Networks

Gemserv Stakeholder Survey: Focusing on what matters

To understand how we are performing, and where we can improve, we asked our stakeholders for their feedback in the second half of 2019

Equinor to build ‘world-leading’ hydrogen and carbon capture plant in the UK

The facility will be located at Saltend Chemicals Park near the city of Hull and is estimated to avoid around 900,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide

Making Lemonade – opportunities the better normal presents for the Energy sector

In the world of the “better normal”, resilience, adaptability and data have been thrown into the spotlight, highlighting how important they are to businesses

Learnings from COVID-19: A glimpse into a low carbon future?

Bryt Energy: As keen as we are to return to normality, what can we learn from this crisis and how can we use this insight to build a healthier, more sustainable future?

ENA and UK Power Networks ‘welcome Prime Minister’s ambition to drive sustainable economic revival’

Following the Prime Minister’s speech, David Smith, Energy Networks Association Chief Executive, spoke on behalf of network operators including UK Power Networks