‘UK’s largest’ green hydrogen facility planned for Humber

Meld Energy intends to invest £180 million in a new facility at Saltend, Humber

EDF supports 15,000 small businesses hit by energy crisis

The energy supplier plans to offer lower-priced energy contracts to a number of SMEs

Ofgem embraces statutory net zero duty

The new duty empowers Ofgem to protect the interests of consumers while supporting the transition to a low carbon and affordable energy system

E.ON offers EV funding for fleets

E.ON has entered into an agreement with Horizon Energy Ventures to provide funding solutions for EV charging infrastructure services aimed at fleet customers

US unveils national clean hydrogen strategy

The new framework aims to accelerate the production, storage and utilisation of hydrogen

The man who thinks about uranium when he sleeps!

How can we make nuclear waste a thing of the past?

UK power grid shake-up: National Grid ESO fast-tracks connections

Generators failing to make progress will be either pushed down the queue or required to withdraw, creating room for projects that are ready to move forward

Dispelling Voltage Optimisation Misconceptions: Unveiling the true benefits

Voltage Optimisation (VO) is a topic that has gained notoriety in recent years due to the energy crisis and increasing concern about climate change

Unlocking Energy Efficiency: A Beginner’s Guide to Voltage Optimisation, the Innovative and Climate-Friendly Solution

As the energy crisis continues to impact the UK, businesses of all sizes are facing the need to reduce their energy bills

On-site generation can manage rising energy costs

On-site generation technologies such as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) can provide a long-term solution for manufacturers looking to reduce energy costs, improve resilience, and reduce their dependence on grid-imported power