Gaia Says No! – Africa: Episode 4. The future.

The last in our series where we explore the role the continent has to play in delivering net zero

Award-winning green and digital switchgear makes commercial debut

SM AirSeT is a leap forward for sustainability, using pure air and vacuum interruption instead of SF6 gas

Johnnie Walker shows green spirit with 2030 net zero whisky production goal

It also aims to ensure all of its distilleries use renewable energy and all packaging is recyclable, reusable and compostable over the next decade

Cranfield University builds hydrogen plant to test carbon capture technology

The project will test a novel technology that could support large volumes of green hydrogen production at a lower cost

Greener behaviours from the UK’s ‘polluter elite’ could speed up net zero journey

A ‘dramatic change’ in the wealthiest citizens’ lifestyle could only keep the 1.5°C target in sight, according to a new report

‘The pandemic proved we can’t continue to live the way we’re living’

HIVED’s Murvah Iqbal spoke to future Net Zero about her company’s mission for 100% zero-emission parcel deliveries and how the demands of the last year on the sector has shown this to be a necessity

‘The UK has the opportunity to lead the world in delivering net zero’

Kelly Becker, Zone President for Schneider Electric UK and Ireland, spoke to future Net Zero about the company’s net zero ambitions

‘Whoever leads the green economy will lead the world’

Global study shows overwhelming backing for green energy and the adoption of EVs

Podcast: Outgoing Energy Institute CEO says sector is changing for better

Louise Kingham spoke to future Net Zero about how she will leave the organisation for a new role at BP and what she hopes to deliver in her new position

Gaia Says No! – Africa: Episode 3. Energy Transition

Welcome to our new podcast series, where we will explore the role the continent has to play in delivering net zero