‘Net zero ambitions must be delivered by 2040 – 2050 is too late’

That’s the suggestion from Jonathon Porritt, Co-Founder of Forum for the Future, who told Energy Live News that humankind has only got ten years left to take action on tackling climate change and save the planet

Gaia says no! Episode 7 – Religion

The majority of humans are religious so shouldn’t we use that influence to change our behaviour?

Viewpoint: Getting to the core of Apple’s climate pledge

Why are we all frantically tweeting about Apple’s carbon-neutral pledge?

DPD unveils green delivery with 16-tonne EV

The ‘Volta Zero’ vehicle, which will hit London’s streets in the first quarter of 2021, is thought to be ‘world’s first’ purpose-built full-electric delivery vehicle

UK car production ‘falls 42% in first half of 2020, the lowest record since 1954’

UK car manufacturing output declined by 48.2% in June alone, says Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders

Two thirds of councils in the UK ‘don’t consider climate change in planning decisions’

Although over 60% of councils have declared climate emergencies, they have a critical shortage of skills in relation to planning for climate change, according to a new report

Waitrose and John Lewis unveil plan to switch to electric home deliveries

The use of the new vehicles is estimated to save more than 20,000 tonnes of CO2 every year, equivalent to the carbon footprint produced by 2,500 households

Tetra Pak aims to reach net zero emissions by 2030

The food packaging company will try to achieve its goal by extending its energy efficiency measures and increasing the use of renewables

UK’s biggest pension fund to shift £5.5bn in ‘climate aware’ investments

Nest has also pledged to begin divesting from companies involved in thermal coal, oil sands and arctic drilling and be completely divested by 2025

Ratings giant Moody’s announces new environmental commitments

The corporation aims to halve its direct and indirect emissions by 2030