Net Hero Podcast – Plants under panels, the future of agriculture?

Time to grow crops under your solar panels? Can Solar Farming solve our food needs in a net zero world?

Net Hero Podcast – Leather can it have a sustainable future?

In this episode I speak with a man on a mission to clean up the leather sector. Vikrant Pratap runs Qualus and says leather can be sustainably used for decades to come… do you agree?

Net Hero Podcast – Is CCS the ‘net’ in net zero?

In Episode 3 we discover if carbon capture and storage is actually the most cost effective step we can take at present to cut emissions

Net Hero Podcast – Elephants like Dumbo! Is climate changing our animals?

In episode 2 a fascinating conversation about how climate change is making animal appendages larger! Could everyday animals soon look very different?

Net Hero podcast – Nuclear can we go net zero without it?

Listen to episode 1 of our new series of weekly insights into the net zero world