Manufacturers can make headway on carbon reductions, efficiency and sustainability gains, by looking more at water

Helen Murphy, Key Account Manager at Water Plus, the UK’s largest water retailer and official business water partner for Future Net Zero, works with a range of manufacturers and other businesses around their water use, helping with areas including bespoke proactive water management plans at sites

Changing ways with business water use at sites will deliver big benefits – and save energy too… Here’s how:

Whatever the business size, there are always advantages of looking more at how water is used in a year, which can also lead to energy savings too

Sustainable water management solutions for summer

During hot weather, water supply interruptions and restrictions are more likely as higher demand is put on the water networks

Businesses and public sector sites make bill and cost savings, from looking more at their water use – and working with the Water Efficiency experts at UK’s largest water retailer Water Plus

One in four businesses, in a 2023 survey, say they’ve saved water, by looking closer at water use during a year – and latest figures show around 228 million litres of water loss at sites was stopped this year by the work of the water experts at Water Plus*

Regular water checks at sites in winter – and at other times – helps reduce risks to business running smoothly

Looking closer at water use at a site during the year can have a range of benefits for organisations – large and small

Water awareness boosted amongst school pupils, to help reduce impacts on the environment

Pupils have been learning about the importance of reducing water waste, as part of work with Water Plus, the largest water retailer in the UK, which is also involved in a school Careers Hub

Water Plus Water Week podcast: Carbon reduction successes with water

Water can cut carbon emissions linked to your organisation – and help reduce energy bills – and this really can involve just a few simple steps. The official water partner for Future Net Zero, Water Plus, outlines how

Water Plus Water Week podcast: Climate emergency challenges for the public sector: how water efficiency can power progress

As many public sector organisations declare climate emergencies or are just looking at ways to bring down their utility costs across sites its important to include water into the mix

Water Plus Water Week podcast: Strengthening sustainability steps and action with employees (through staff initiatives and communications)

Engaging employees with the environment can happen with some simple steps in any organisation

Water Plus Water Week podcast: Where’s the carbon emissions in water – and why businesses should care

Water can be a whizz to help organisations, small and large, reduce impacts they can have. It can also lower energy use