The Carbon Column – Carbon reporting without the cost

This post explains what businesses can do to address carbon reporting without spending much

The Carbon Column – Celebrating Small Businesses

This week I talk about a local business and how they are bettering world, one bag at a time

The Carbon Column – Addressing Scope 3 Emissions

In this post I address scope 3 emissions and what they mean for businesses

The Carbon Column – Easy as (Scope) 1, 2, 3

In this post I discuss Scope 1 and 2 emissions, the straight-forward aspects of carbon reporting

The Carbon Column – Carbon dioxide vs carbon dioxide equivalent

In this post I discuss greenhouse gas emissions and significance of carbon dioxide equivalent in reporting standards

The Carbon Column – Reflecting on The Big Zero Show

In this post I reflect on The Big Zero Show and discuss three key points I took away from the event.

The Carbon Column – The Big Zero Show.

The Big Zero Show is happening tomorrow! A big event for future Net Zero. In this article I look at the sustainability of events and things to consider when setting one up.

The Carbon Column – Carbon offset or carbon cop-out?

In this post I discuss the issues surrounding carbon offsetting and why I think they are a last resort

The Carbon Column – Rome wasn’t built in a day…

In this post I discuss embodied carbon in the built environment. Were Roman building methods more sustainable than today?

The Carbon Column – Net zero behaviour change. Who is responsible?

In this post I reflect on a conversation around making sustainable choices. Is it the consumers responsibility for achieving net zero?