University of Sussex joins European research project to increase take-up of EVs

The eCharge4Drivers project aims to improve the EV charging experience within cities and for long journeys

‘In 2019 the world generated almost 54 million metric tonnes of electronic waste’

The total weight of global electrical and electronic equipment consumption increases annually by 2.5 million metric tonnes

Carbon dioxide
IEA: ‘Without a major acceleration of innovative clean energy technologies, net zero targets will not be achievable’

Almost 35% of the total CO2 emissions reductions come from technologies, which are at the early stages of development, according to a new report

Toyota develops more environmentally-friendly electronics plating technology

A new plating process is said to generate only a third of the emissions created by traditional ‘dipping’ techniques

Making Lemonade – opportunities the better normal presents for the Energy sector

In the world of the “better normal”, resilience, adaptability and data have been thrown into the spotlight, highlighting how important they are to businesses

Facebook to build $800m data centre powered by 100% renewables

The 907,000 square-foot facility will use 80% less water than an average data centre

HP hits ctrl-alt-del to 75% of single-use plastic by 2025

Last year HP used more than 25,000 tonnes of recycled content plastic for its print products

Amazon to build the world’s first net zero carbon stadium

The arena will use recycled rainwater to create the ‘greenest ice’ for the NHL hockey games

Bosch in the Netherlands rolls out green investments to speed up carbon-neutrality by the end of 2020

Funds will support energy efficiency and renewable energy projects

German lithium-ion battery market increases eightfold since 2013

Electromobility and the expansion of renewable energies are the main drivers of the increasing demand for electrical energy storage