Smarter Grid Solutions launches distributed energy management system to reach net zero

The new product is said to be able to allow thousands of renewable energy devices to be connected to power grids and managed simultaneously

Virtual exhibition creates less than 1% of the emissions of a live event’

A typical three-day conference with 800 attendees has a carbon footprint of 455 tonnes

Fintech specialist to plant Giant Sequoias in bid to tackle climate change

Revive Management notes a single Giant Sequoia can capture more carbon dioxide than the average UK citizen’s entire lifetime emissions

Equinor and Shell sign digital deal to decarbonise

The firms will exchange expertise regarding fields such as data science, artificial intelligence and 3D printing to drive down emissions

Batteries ‘could enable 25% more renewables to be utilised during peak times’

Northern Powergrid has published the findings from a two-year study into how smart home batteries can increase electricity network capacity

O2 dials up to become a net zero mobile network by 2025

The UK mobile network will also encourage its suppliers to accelerate efforts to reduce carbon emissions by 30% in the next five years