Protect your business: Why cybercrime is not victimless and how it can be stopped!

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The benefits & importance of smart pre-payment meters

With the increasing focus on energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions, smart meters are being hailed as an essential tool in achieving these goals

Net Hero Podcast – Why hackers could halt your net zero ambitions!

I speak to Vanessa Eyles who heads up the West Midlands cybercrime unit and explore the risks we face as we digitise for net zero

Procode Launches New Smart Datastream

Procode are pleased to announce the launch of their latest product Smart Datastream

NASA maps how much carbon is stored in trees

Results show that 840m more tonnes of carbon is being absorbed than previously thought

Net Hero Podcast – Carbon capture can it work?

A carbon capture expert tells me the technology is ready to become an affordable solution for society

“2001: A Space Odyssey may come true” – without climate action

That’s according to Sci-Fi author Cixin Liu who spoke recently at the UN base

Space-Based Solar Power Plants… We have lift off!

The ESA has given the green light to two concept commercial-scale power plants

Leaked document claims Chinese spy balloon uses solar to power data collection

The document states that it had 10KW of solar capacity on board – similar to what would be found on a regular rooftop array

‘More than half of bitcoin now green-powered’

Wind, solar, hydroelectric and nuclear are now allegedly used to mine the cryptocurrency