Salmon farming sustainability up leaps and bounds

A new report has found farmed salmon contribute to a lower carbon footprint than many other protein-based dietary options

Consumers increasingly ‘voting with their forks’ for sustainable seafood

Nearly 60% of shoppers have already made changes to the way they choose and buy seafood in the last year in order to protect fish and marine biodiversity

Asda equips fishing fleets with bags to tackle plastic waste

The supermarket says hardwearing and durable bags will be used by fishermen to collect plastic waste when it is found in their nets

Marine Stewardship Council doubles ocean funding to nearly £2m

The fund is now open to applications for research and work that will help accelerate and maintain progress in sustainable fishing around the world

EU Parliament backs ban on single-use plastics

The throwaway plastics to be banned from 2021 include straws, cutlery, plates, balloon sticks and cotton buds

Cod LEDs have their plaice in energy efficient fishing?

Green or blue LEDS could replace energy-intensive incandescent lighting used to lure fish towards bait

Defra: ‘How do we make our food green?’

The Department for Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs isasking the public for advice about ‘green food’. It is launching a consultation into making more food while beinggood to the environment. The Green Food Project will look at the strengths and weaknessesof England in areas such as land use, technology and waste inEngland to influence future […]