Fishermen catch £1.4m sustainable funding

The government is providing the money to sustainable innovations

Big Zero Report 2023

Eight new projects that boost sustainable fishing have received £1.4 million in government funding.

The projects vary in the technologies and innovations being offered, with one investigating the use of artificial lights to change fish behaviour. The aim is to prevent other species entering trawls that are not meant to be fished.

Autonomous sampling systems, underwater cameras and the use of kites to deter seabirds are some of the other innovations that have received the money.

This is the first part of a £100 million UK Seafood Fund to make fishing and coastal communities more sustainable.

Victoria Prentis, Fisheries Minister, said: “A sustainable fishing industry is essential if we are to ensure we have a healthy, thriving marine environment that is capable of supporting our world-class industry long into the future.”

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