Friday 28 January 2022

UK to help protect 500,000km of ocean

UK to help protect 500,000km of ocean

The UK will protect more than 500,000km of the world’s oceans with a £2 million investment, announced Lord Goldsmith.

These parts of the ocean include biodiverse marine environments and key areas of migration for animals such as sea turtles, whales and sharks.

Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador and Panama announced at COP26 they would collectively protect 500,000km of ocean and the UK will now join them.

The £2 million investment will be made through the World Bank’s PROBLUE fund and British marine experts will also be deployed to help with the project.

Cutting plastic pollution and preventing illegal and unregulated fishing will be the two main focuses of the project.

Lord Goldsmith’s announcement follows visits to Costa Rica and Ecuador to observe the ongoing work to protect oceans and their wildlife.

He said: “I commend and thank Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador and Panama for their leadership. This is exactly the sort of ambition and cooperation we need now.

“I am delighted that the UK will be supporting this inspiring initiative through our newly established Blue Planet Fund, drawing on decades of experience protecting an area of ocean larger than India around the UK Overseas Territories.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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