Wednesday 3 August 2022

Sustainable fishing gets £100m boost

Sustainable fishing gets £100m boost

The government has announced £100 million to benefit research into sustainable fisheries across the UK.

This includes investigations into ensuring species of fish aren’t accidentally caught by fishermen and making nets less environmentally damaging, in case they’re lost in the sea.

Funding is part of the government’s UK Seafood Fund, which has seen £4 million distributed so far into green fishing projects and ideas.

Projects focussed on trawling and dredging are key benefactors of the latest round of cash, with the government keen to put a stop to its negative impacts on marine wildlife.

Victoria Prentis, Fisheries Minister, said through the Seafood Fund, “we are already seeing tangible results - from LED lights in fishing nets to attract target species and deter bycatch through to novel whelk pot designs.

“I want our fishing industry to thrive, to be more sustainable and to invest in the people who will make it a success for decades ahead – so I encourage everyone to bring forward their pioneering ideas.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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