Cows ‘could bring clean heat to 750,000 UK homes’

Almost 109 biomethane green gas production sites are currently connected to Britain’s gas grid, new report suggests

Thames Water fined £4m for 30-hour waterfall of sewage discharge

The incident is believed to have killed approximately 3,000 fish

Sewage-powered trucks to flush out emissions?

Wessex Water claims each of its trucks converted from diesel to biomethane is equivalent to removing more than 100 cars from the roads

Thames Water and Kingston Council plan to harness ‘poo power’ to heat homes

The project is the first of its kind in England and supports the council’s target of being carbon neutral by 2038

Welsh Water secures funding for sewage to hydrogen project

The project will see biogas waste from sewage sludge converted into hydrogen fuel to power Welsh Water’s zero-emission vehicles

‘World’s first’ project to turn biogas from sewage into hydrogen

Hazer is seeking to build a 100-tonne per annum facility in Australia by December 2020

Yorkshire Water and University of York team up on anaerobic digestion project

The project aims to provide better insights into the microbes that drive anaerobic digestion and find the ideal conditions to increase efficiency

Urine for a surprise! Reading Festival pee and poop to be turned into renewable energy

Human waste from the festival will produce enough power to run two homes for a day

Thames Water fined £700k for sewage pollution

The Environment Agency said up to 30 million litres of sewage were released from the Maidenhead Sewage Treatment plant

Holland & Barrett to stop selling wet wipes in fight against fatbergs

Wet wipes are said to account for around 80% of blockages in sewers, costing an estimated £100m a year to clear