Monday 30 May 2022

A pint of recycled urine could be as green as it gets

A pint of recycled urine could be as green as it gets

A Singaporean brewery has just made a new beer from recycled sewage and urine.

‘Newbrew’ as it’s being labelled, uses ‘newater’ as the main ingredient – consisting of water cycled from sewage and urine, which has been given the seal of approval for international safe drinking standards and deemed clean enough to use in brewing a pint.

Local brewery Brewerkz launched the Newbrew beer during Singaporean International Water Week (SIWW), with Managing Director of SIWW calling it the country’s “greenest beer”.

Water scarcity is a growing issue in Singapore and the company believe it can become an answer to the water crisis, recycling ingredients rather than using new ones.

The liquid is recycled from sewage, filtered and pumped into Singapore’s water supply making the process sustainable.

The ‘newater’ is combined with German barley malts and hops, as well as Norwegian yeast to create the usual taste of a beer.

Brewerkz have said the drink is a marker that “sustainability can be delicious.”

Facing some unsavoury reaction on social media, the company kicked back by uploading a video to social media that showed people loving the taste of the beer without knowing what was inside.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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