‘Nearly 18m British homes may be unable to decarbonise heating’

Trade body said the government must recognise the role of hot water cylinders in decarbonisation

‘Net zero fails if plumbers are not on side’

Forgetting to call the plumber could put Boris Johnson’s net zero strategy at risk, a new report claims

Boris Johnson confirms ban on all new gas boilers by 2035

Households could benefit from £5,000 grants to replace their old gas boilers with low carbon alternatives

Majority of British public ‘back a ban on gas boilers within the decade’

New research shows just 23% of Brits oppose the gas boiler phase-out

CCC: ‘UK’s emissions must fall by around 80% by 2035’

In its recommendations for the UK’s sixth Carbon Budget, the Climate Change Committee suggests every car, van and boiler replacement must be zero carbon by early 2030s

Heating electrification could ‘cut commercial buildings’ emissions by 44%’

Almost 27% of commercial floor space heated with fossil fuel systems can be electrified today, according to a new report

Manchester’s new heat network project reaches key milestone

The final sections of a 40-metre high ‘Tower of Light’, which will form the chimney of the new heat network, have been installed

Future Homes Standard: Government to ban fossil fuel systems in new builds by 2025

They will be replaced with the latest generation of clean technologies such as air source heat pumps and solar panels

Southwark Council ‘first’ in London to use waste to heat homes

Householders in a London borough will soon have their heating and hot water generated from an energy from waste facility under a new scheme announced today. Southwark Council has teamed up with its recycling and waste partner Veolia Environmental Services and launched a £7 million heating network which it claims is the “first of its […]