“UK faces £65m annual export loss if clean heat shift lags”

This potential export loss could accumulate to £1.3 billion between 2030 and 2050, a new analysis by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit highlights

Boiler ban sparks electricity shortage concerns for new homes

The proposed ban on gas boilers in new homes from 2025 has raised concerns in the industry about potential grid capacity problems

Ministers push Rishi Sunak to rethink net zero pledges

Senior Tories have reportedly advised the Prime Minister to protect households from costs of net zero policies

Hydrogen to play limited role in future heat scenarios, says bp

bp states that hydrogen will have a limited role in future heat scenarios, as heat pumps prove to be more efficient in reducing energy demand for heating

‘Hydrogen boilers would allow more fossil fuels’

Some organisations have said that these boilers would facilitate the continued use of gas

Bristol Council sets £3.3m aside for heat pumps

This will see 200 installed across a two-year project

UK urged to introduce “Covid-style” measures to avoid winter gas shortages

A charity has called for the government to set a target to reduce household energy demand by 20%

Leeds Hospital commits to net zero by 2030

More than £300k has been invested in cutting its carbon footprint

Glaswegian heat pump to accelerate the UK’s race to low carbon heat

The so-called “flexible” technology integrates a heat source that could potentially reduce the pump’s power consumption

Will the UK need 600 years to hit its 2050 heat pump target?

The UK had the worst heat pump installation rate last year, according to a report