Monday 24 July 2023

Ministers push Rishi Sunak to rethink net zero pledges

Ministers push Rishi Sunak to rethink net zero pledges

In the aftermath of the surprising Uxbridge byelection victory, senior Tories have reportedly urged the Prime Minister to reevaluate crucial net zero commitments.

According to reports, ministers are seeking better safeguards for households from the expenses associated with phasing out new gas boilers and delaying the ban on new petrol cars.

Senior government figures suggest that a pragmatic approach, prioritising financial protection for families amidst the net zero transition, could garner greater voter support.

The Levelling Up and Housing Secretary, in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, cautioned against treating environmental policies as dogmatic crusades and called for a more relaxed approach to certain net zero measures.

Michael Gove said: "One of the dangers is that if people think that you are treating the cause of the environment as a religious crusade, in which you are dividing the world into goodies and baddies, then you alienate the support that you need for thoughtful environmentalism."

Housing Secretary, Mr Gove, advocates for easing rules that require landlords to upgrade their properties' Energy Performance Certificate rating by 2028.

Mr Gove believes the current pace is too demanding, considering the financial burden already faced by landlords in the private rented sector, urging for a more relaxed approach to energy efficiency improvements.

Energy Live News has contacted Number 10 and the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero for comment.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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