Leeds Hospital commits to net zero by 2030

More than £300k has been invested in cutting its carbon footprint

Big Zero Report 2023

Spire Leeds Hospital has committed to becoming net zero by 2030, releasing a new set of environmental measures to achieve this aim.

The hospital will install a new chilling system for three of its theatres, seeing heat generated used for hot water instead of simply being wasted by evaporation.

The move will cut Leeds Hospital’s carbon footprint by reducing its need of gas boilers to generate hot water – and represents a £300,000 investment from Spire Healthcare.

LED lighting installations, the hiring of a ‘Carbon Champion’ and the installation of a solar array to eventually generate 11% of the hospital’s electricity are other measures being implemented by Spire to ensure its building hits net zero.

Spire owns 39 hospitals and is looking for all of them to become net zero by the end of this decade – with a £16 million investment given for the next 10 years.

Hospital Director at Spire Leeds Hospital, Andrew Johnson, said: “Hospitals are big consumers of energy and at Spire Healthcare, we’re committed to playing our role in addressing the climate crisis and reducing our impact on the planet.

“We’re pleased that the new chillers and our other environmental projects are making inroads into reducing our carbon footprint.”

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