Net Hero Podcast – Sky high sustainability!

Are drone ‘seed’ bombers the answer to saving the rainforests? Listen to this fascinating technical tale of reforestation!

Net Hero Podcast – Natural capital the best profit provider

Can creating forests on disused arable land help us capture emissions and make financial sense for ethical investors?

Could pigs, chickens and cows power your next holiday?

Researchers are unsure of the environmental impacts of animal fats to power jets

Global warming sees trees grow for extra month

Leaves remain on trees today for 15% longer than they did in the 19th century, a study has found

‘Around 90% of world’s carbon offsets are useless’

That’s according to a new investigation, claiming that the impact of certain credits is being overestimated by up to 400%

Palm oil made in the lab?

A Bill Gates-backed company has brought a yeast-based alternative to the market

Where has net zero already been reached?

There are eight countries on Earth that have supposedly already hit the environmental milestone

‘UK trees absorb double the carbon we thought’

That’s the view of scientists who have looked into how much is stored in branches and trunks

EU bans goods linked to deforestation

New checks will now be in place before items are imported onto the continent – to understand their impact on forestry

EU proposes carbon removal certification scheme in net zero drive

The proposal lays down requirements for third-party verification and certification of carbon removals, the management of certification schemes and the functioning of registries