Wednesday 1 November 2023

Net Hero Podcast – Sky high sustainability!

Net Hero Podcast – Sky high sustainability!

I've heard many interesting tales over the course of the last two years on this podcast, yet this week's one is a corker!

What if you replanted forests by seed bombing?

That's right, dropping seeds like little bombs, from the undercarriage of drones, with each seed wrapped in a protective package so it doesn't smash to bits when it hits the ground.

That's what a company called Morfo is doing across parts of depleted South American rainforest. They have been using the drones to help reforestation projects in areas that have been over used or completely cleared, with remarkable results. In one project in French Guiana they've helped a forest go from 0.3 to 42% cover in just a year!

Listen or watch my chat with Adrien Pages, one of the founders of this sky high agri-business. Remember to like and subscribe!




Written by

Sumit Bose

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