Perilous floods in Pakistan leave more than 1,000 dead

The UN has appealed for aid, with the Prince of Wales and UK government donating

New financing mechanism for climate warning and observations launched

The Systematic Observations Financing Facility seeks to address the long-standing problem of missing weather and climate observations from least developing countries and small island developing states

Britain’s coasts under threat from climate change

The Environment Agency warns that coastal erosion and flooding are set to increase

‘Climate change could leave Dublin submerged by 2100’

More than 8,500 properties could be flooded in the Irish capital

Doncaster pumping station opens to defend against climate change

The £14m project is designed to protect local properties from flooding

‘Extreme weather patterns are not new phenomena’

New data reveals the most extreme weather the UK has experienced dates back to the Victorian period

Cambridgeshire village gets flood protection

The Environment Agency has taken measures to combat heavy rainfall in the area

Scotland not equipped to fight climate change, says CCC

It claims that the plan in place does not take into account the inevitable changes that climate change will bring

Middlesbrough £4.8m flood scheme complete

It is set to protect more than 500 homes and businesses and save £58m of damages in the long run