La Niña cooling period over

This could mean a period of extreme heat in the coming years, scientists have suggested

‘UK flood damages to rise by 20%’

This will be due to the impacts of climate change, researchers have found

‘Don’t just cope with climate change, slash emissions’

Focus on the reasons for climate change, not just its impacts, a think tank has warned

UN: ‘Floods in Pakistan to push 42m into poverty’

This combines the impact of last year’s heavy floods and what’s predicted for 2022

Climate change responsible for deadly floods in Africa?

Charities call for the urgent need for a disaster response strategy

Met Office: ‘2023 could be hotter than 2022’

That’s after the UK saw temperatures of more than 40°C last summer

Flooding in Bangladesh
UN appealing for $51bn to save 230m from climate disaster

This is a record amount, as floods and droughts continue to rise

Climate change giving youngsters second thoughts on having kids

Africa is the most worried continent, after experiencing climate shocks themselves – a UNICEF report has found

Kenyans call on richer countries to pay for climate change

People have taken to the streets of Nairobi, calling for the world’s developed countries to pay for climate change and its impacts

Pakistani PM calls for global help against climate change

“Our actions did not contribute to this,” he told the UN