Webinar: Mastering the Carbon Maze: Navigating the future of climate rules and standards

In case you missed this live webinar, you can catch up here!

Net Hero Podcast – Finally a pint that’s good for the planet!

Did you know it takes tonnes of a special rock dug from the ground to provide your pint! So how do we clean up your drinking footprint?

Free Webinar: How can ESG drive improved business performance?

What is ESG, why is it important and how can you use it to generate value for all organisational stakeholders

‘Just 20% of SMEs know what ESG is’

Almost all of those that are not engaging with ESG practices have no desire to do so

‘CEOs rewarded for easy carbon targets’

A study alleges that some of Europe’s top companies are handing out full bonuses for insignificant climate progress

EU strikes green hydrogen deal with Namibia at COP27

They have committed to develop an operational roadmap for 2023-24, with concrete joint actions agreed within six months

altafiber commits to 40% emissions reduction by 2030

By 2040, the telecommunications company, formerly Cincinnati Bell, aims to achieve net zero emissions

Only 30% of Brits think climate change is being tackled correctly

This is a substantial drop from last year when more than half though the country was going in the right direction

Extantia launches €300m platform to advance net zero transition

The Berlin-based venture capital company will back scalable decarbonisation tech companies, among others

Data centre company Cologix targets carbon neutrality by 2030

It also aims to use 100% renewable energy in its operations during the same period