altafiber commits to 40% emissions reduction by 2030

By 2040, the telecommunications company, formerly Cincinnati Bell, aims to achieve net zero emissions

Big Zero Report 2023

Telecommunications company altafiber, formerly Cincinnati Bell, has announced its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030.

The company-wide target is in line with the Science-based Targets initiative (SBTi) guidelines and supports its ambition for net zero emissions by 2040.

Its work to provide fibreoptic service and retire legacy copper network technology is key to decarbonising the business and the move to fibreoptics also provides faster and more reliable connections while achieving a “significant” carbon footprint reduction.

The company estimates operating the legacy copper network is directly responsible for 65% of its carbon emissions.

Powering the network equipment itself causes 48% of its emissions and an additional 17% of emissions are caused cooling it.

On the other hand, its strategic fibre network equipment (6%) and its cooling (2%) are responsible for only 8% of the carbon footprint because it is much more efficient.

This year, altafiber also strengthened its reporting under the Carbon Disclosure Project and participated in the Global ESG Benchmark for Real Assets (GRESB) reporting for the first time.

The company plans to release its first Environmental, Social and Governance report in early 2023.

Nadja Turek, altafiber Director for Sustainability said: “It’s a critical time for climate change and we are acting boldly to reduce our emissions. Our mission is to provide high-speed, reliable communications for our community and neighbours. And we want to connect our neighbours and businesses, free from pollution, adding value to the communities we serve. That’s our environmental vision.”

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