Net Hero Podcast – Finally a pint that’s good for the planet!

Did you know it takes tonnes of a special rock dug from the ground to provide your pint! So how do we clean up your drinking footprint?

Big Zero Report 2023

Beer, ah. Homer Simpson doesn’t get much right but when it comes to a nice cold or as we prefer here in the UK, warm, beer, he’s spot on.

But did you know your pint isn’t as good for the planet as you might think? I was surprised as, after all beer is water and some kind of cereal, with a dash of yeast, all natural stuff, so I didn’t consider it’s carbon footprint apart from the packaging it comes in.

Well that’s all changed after this podcast with Dr Roland Pahl-Dobrick who works for the Pall Corporation and is in charge of brewing, his quest to make the cleanest pint we can. Listen in to find out how.

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