London Stock Exchange launches voluntary carbon market

It claims this is the first public markets capital raising solution for the offsetting market

EasyJet to stop offsetting carbon from December

The airline will look to use SAF and hydrogen technology to cut carbon

Offsetting to make up 20% of airline’s net zero strategies

This could see the availability of high-quality offsetting schemes drop significantly

Lufthansa offers customers carbon-neutral fare

This can be purchased for any level of flight

Aviation makes up 7% of UK emissions – how do we slash this?

A new report is calling for more market-based measures to cut the carbon footprint of flying

Taiwan receives ‘carbon-neutral’ crude oil from Azerbaijan

All associated emissions have been offset for the transaction

‘Three quarters of governments don’t disclose details of net zero pledges’

A new report calls into question the validity of corporate and governmental net zero targets

New fund launched planting 4m trees in India

Set to be planted in the Himalayan region, the trees are projected to remove more than 360k tonnes of carbon emissions from the atmosphere

What is the music industry doing to cut carbon?

Offsetting carbon is a topic hot on everyone’s lips at the moment, with many celebrities taking action – but what does it mean and what are they doing?

Spurs v Chelsea scored net zero goal

The Premier League September fixture has now been confirmed to have achieved net zero emissions