What is the music industry doing to cut carbon?

Offsetting carbon is a topic hot on everyone’s lips at the moment, with many celebrities taking action – but what does it mean and what are they doing?

Big Zero Report 2023

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Ecologi CEO Elliot Coad was drinking his coffee one day when he had an interesting thought – if he spent the same money once a week that he did on one coffee, he could offset his carbon footprint.

Offsetting has become far more popular of late, as many businesses and citizens look to take more climate action and protect the environment – but what is it?

Paying to plant more trees or boost reforestation in damaged habitats are just some of the ways that you can offset the carbon you’re releasing into the atmosphere.

Elliot co-founded Ecologi with this idea in mind and has since helped countless businesses reduce their carbon footprint – and this has been the same within the music industry.

Liam Payne and Passenger are some of the artists who have used the platform to fight climate change and record labels are also looking to take more action.

Find out more about how the industry is adapting and changing, as well what else offsetting can mean for your business in today’s futureNetZero insight.

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