Jersey airline to rebuild rainforest for seats bought on its flights

Blue Islands has pledged to making its flights carbon-neutral and aims to do so through a new partnership

Big Zero Report 2023

An airline in Jersey has committed to making all its flights carbon-neutral.

Blue Islands has joined forces with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust to cut down its carbon footprint and has committed to including a £1 carbon offset contribution for every seat booked on one of its flights from 1st December.

The offsetting projects it will contribute towards include reforestation in the Atlantic rainforest in Brazil.

CEO of the airline Rob Veron said: “We’re proud to partner with an organisation that has developed an accountable, transparent and scientific programme to fully balance our carbon impacts for every flight and that is synonymous with Jersey.”

CEO of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust Lesley Dickie added: “Blue Islands’ commitment to Rewild Carbon means that we will be able accelerate our plans to connect forest fragments in the Atlantic Rainforest.

“We are looking forward to sharing updates with their customers on the growth of this forest and the wonderful wildlife that live there.”

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