The Carbon Column – Reflecting on 2022

In this post I reflect on some of the stories in 2022

Flooding in Bangladesh
UN appealing for $51bn to save 230m from climate disaster

This is a record amount, as floods and droughts continue to rise

Scientists have no doubt climate change caused droughts

Climate change increased the probability by 20%, research claims

Kenyans call on richer countries to pay for climate change

People have taken to the streets of Nairobi, calling for the world’s developed countries to pay for climate change and its impacts

Pakistani PM calls for global help against climate change

“Our actions did not contribute to this,” he told the UN

UN climate change hub built in Barbados

The response centre will provide aid to Caribbean countries hit by disasters

UN: ‘Droughts increase nearly a third in a generation’

These have cost the world $124bn since 1998

Heavy rain batters southern Africa, with climate change to blame

Three cycles and two tropical storms have wreaked havoc in just six weeks

‘Amazon becoming less resilient to climate change’

New research reveals that human-induced climate change is taking its toll on the rainforest and consistently reducing its ability to recover from droughts or fires

‘Leaders are absent on climate change’

A new report calls on the Australian government for inaction on climate change