UK company dives deep to sink carbon

A UK-based carbon removal company is conducting seaweed biomass sinking trials to assess the carbon removal potential of seaweed

Why we won’t reach net zero without carbon removals

The UK can’t yet totally decarbonise all industries. So, to achieve net zero by 2050, we’ll need to remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

‘Carbon removal technology is the key’

Scientists have stressed that natural carbon absorption will no longer be enough to fight climate change

UK has potential to become a world leader in carbon removal technology

The government has been urged to make carbon removals a top priority to accelerate net zero

EU proposes carbon removal certification scheme in net zero drive

The proposal lays down requirements for third-party verification and certification of carbon removals, the management of certification schemes and the functioning of registries

Norway and Switzerland to explore carbon capture, storage and removal

It is part of their efforts to reduce and remove greenhouse gas emissions, with plans to explore cross-border market development for CCS and CDR

Drax signs 2m tonne carbon removal deal

It claims the deal marks the largest in the world

AI-driven tech platform Ezoic achieves net zero carbon emissions

It has successfully offset its annual carbon emissions produced by its operations globally, as well as servers that host more than 35,000 client domains that use its website monetisation platform

Ripple pledges $100m to scale carbon markets using blockchain

The investment is expected to accelerate the removal of carbon and help modernise carbon markets through investments in innovative carbon removal companies and climate-focused fintechs

Bain & Company aims to achieve net-negative carbon in 2022

That means it will support nature-based projects to remove more than 100% of its 2021 Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions