UK company dives deep to sink carbon

A UK-based carbon removal company is conducting seaweed biomass sinking trials to assess the carbon removal potential of seaweed

Big Zero Report 2023

UK-based carbon removal company Seafields has launched what is described as the world’s first seaweed biomass sinking trials.

Collaborating with Running Tide and the Alfred Wegener Institute, Seafields is currently assessing the carbon removal potential and environmental impact of various biomass types, including Sargassum, Ulva, kelp and terrestrial biomass.

The main goal of these trials is to submerge seaweed bales into the deep sea floor.

The ultimate aim is to effectively store carbon for extended periods, potentially reducing atmospheric greenhouse gas levels.

The initiative focuses on minimising any potential harm to the ocean floor.

Through careful selection of biomass and rigorous monitoring, Seafields aims to ensure that the deep sea ecosystem remains unaffected.

The trials are taking place in the Fram Strait location, an area with an extensive scientific data record spanning nearly 25 years.

Researchers anticipate that the results will provide valuable insights into the long term effects of seaweed sinking on deep sea ecosystems.

To track progress and collect essential data, Seafields plans to deploy a remotely operated vehicle in the upcoming year.

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