Water retailer launches high consumption alerts for business sustainability

Wave has introduced high consumption alerts to support small and medium-sized businesses in identifying potential cost savings

Big Zero Report 2023

National water retailer Wave has unveiled a new tool to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their pursuit of sustainability.

The introduction of High Consumption Alerts (HCAs) aims to empower businesses to identify potential cost savings and improve water efficiency.

HCAs are now accessible to all Wave customers, providing an opportunity for businesses to detect and rectify issues related to increased water consumption.

In the UK, where more than three billion litres of water are lost daily through leaks, smart meter data suggests that up to 25% of business water consumption is continuous, signalling potential leakage.

HCAs utilise meter read data submitted by customers and Wave’s meter readers to monitor water consumption, offering businesses insights into their water usage patterns.

Lissa Balmer, Director of SME Customers at Wave, said: “Undetected or unaddressed leaks not only waste water, but also waste our customers’ money.”

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