Asda reduces plastic with recyclable packaging for beef mince

Asda has introduced recyclable plastic film packaging for its Just Essentials beef mince range, replacing plastic trays

Big Zero Report 2023

Asda has announced the removal of traditional plastic tray packaging from its Just Essentials beef mince range, replacing it with a lighter and recyclable flexible plastic film alternative.

The new packaging contains 60% less plastic.

Through Asda’s in-store collection points, the recyclable packaging aims to eliminate 67.6 tonnes of plastic from the supply chain annually.

The vacuum-pack method, designed to extend shelf life, results in a smaller pack size.

This initiative aligns with Asda’s commitment to achieving 100% recyclable packaging by 2025.

Jon Wells, Sustainable Packaging Manager at Asda, said: “We’re always looking at new ways that we can make positive changes which will benefit both our customers and the planet and we believe that this is one of those changes.

“Not only does this improve shelf life and provide greater convenience for our customers, it also removes tonnes of non-recyclable plastic from our supply chain, reducing our carbon footprint.”

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