Net Hero Podcast – Decorating the net zero way!

What if you could recycle your floor tiles or wall decorations time and again?

Big Zero Report 2023

The start of Spring is almost here and it’s generally the time to throw things out and spruce stuff up. DIY shops get very busy soon as everyone looks at a home makeover.

Walls and ceilings can be repainted. Furniture can be repaired and replaced but floors? We’re normally stuck with them for years.

But what if changing your floor wasn’t as expensive? What if it wasn’t as bad for the environment either?

Designer Susana Lopez  has created a company called ALDStone which specialises in sustainable flooring. She’s come up with a reusable underlay, which can have, wood, tiles or carpet laid on it time and time again. It’s brilliant for thermal insulation and made of sustainable materials.

So is this the future for green flooring? Listen in and let me know what you think. For me it’s a very clever idea!  Enjoy the podcast and share it with your friends.



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