Tuesday 2 January 2024

Aldi achieves ‘57% reduction in food waste’

Aldi achieves ‘57% reduction in food waste’

Aldi has announced a 57% reduction in food waste, exceeding its 2030 target outlined in its inaugural sustainability report.

The supermarket's original targets aimed for a 20% reduction by 2025 and a 50% reduction by 2030.

Surpassing these goals has led Aldi to revise its 2030 target to a more ambitious 90% reduction in food waste.

The supermarket attributes its success to waste prevention measures throughout its operations.

Collaborations with food distribution companies like Company Shop Group and initiatives like Too Good To Go aimed to redistribute surplus food and minimise waste.

Since 2019, Aldi has donated 40 million meals to charitable causes through its partnership with Neighbourly.

Written by

Sumit Bose

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