Monday 15 January 2024

One in five UK adults still flush wet wipes

One in five UK adults still flush wet wipes

A recent study reveals that nearly one in five UK adults (17%) continue to flush wet wipes down the toilet, contributing to environmental damage, pollution and harm to marine life.

While 76% of UK adults claim awareness of the detrimental effects of flushing wet wipes, 88% express the importance of protecting homes, animals and the environment.

Water UK reports that 31% of UK adults flush non-flushable items such as cotton pads and nappies down the toilet.

The act of flushing wet wipes can lead to pollution of rivers and seas, causing issues like fatbergs, blocked pipes, flooding and sewage leaks, incurring an annual cost of over £200 million to the country.

Despite the awareness of the environmental consequences, reasons for continuing to flush wet wipes include the belief that it is safe (43%), convenience (36%), habitual behaviour (26%), lack of awareness about alternative disposal methods (15%), and the absence of a bin in the bathroom (14%).

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Sumit Bose

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