NASA maps how much carbon is stored in trees

Results show that 840m more tonnes of carbon is being absorbed than previously thought

Sea surface hits new record temperatures

Last month’s sea surface temperatures was 13.8°C higher than the average across 1981 – 2011

‘More than 7tn tonnes of ice has been lost in 30 years’

Ice loss from Antarctica and Greenland is to blame for a quarter of the world’s sea level rises, scientists have found

Scientist who helped link humans to climate change dies

Claude Lorius’ research helped prove that mankind has influenced global warming

La Niña cooling period over

This could mean a period of extreme heat in the coming years, scientists have suggested

Set sail and cut carbon!

Sails that reduce fuel use are being touted as the next environmental solution

Antibiotics created by bacteria in the ocean?

Listen to this week’s podcast to learn how this could be the answer to quashing pharmaceutical emissions

Shooting moon dust to save Earth?

Scientists have come up with an idea of using moon dust to block global warming

‘Carbon removal technology is the key’

Scientists have stressed that natural carbon absorption will no longer be enough to fight climate change

‘El Niño and extreme heat to return in 2023’

The year could be one of the hottest ever recorded, scientists warn